Briefingsessie voor leden over de economie en zakendoen in Suriname (Engels)

Briefing Doing Business

On the 16th and 17th of December 2010 the “Briefing Session for the Members of Parliament on the Economy and Doing Business in Suriname”, the 3rd in a series of sessions that aim to strengthen capacity of the Parliament of Suriname, was held.

The objectives of this session were to:

  1. Provide an overview of the role and impact of SME’s in the economy of Suriname;
  2. Provide information about the strategy to create a facilitating environment for the SME’s to be successful
  3. Provide critical information to inform Parliament’s role and work in enacting legislation in the areas of SME’s

Over 2 days 29 of 51 members of parliament attended the sessions and participated actively during the discussions. The expert panel consisted of 14 national experts and representatives from different business stakeholder groups.

The briefing session started with an introduction to parliament and the press by the Speaker of the House of Parliament Mrs. Jennifer Simons and the Country Director of the UNDP Dr. Thomas Gittens.

Relevant topics specific to Suriname were presented with special focus on the current situation and the goals. Many of the experts took the liberty to make recommendations about the focus of parliamentary action and government policy on the Economy and Ease of Doing Business in Suriname.

The Introductory sessions on the first day were:

  • Business Fa? (cilitation) In Dialogue with the Parliament of Suriname about facilitating entrepreneurship for economic growth - Mr. Norman Matil, MBA International Business Consultant
  • General Economic Context for Entrepreneurship - Drs. Imro San A Jong, Ministry staff member of HI / Professor of Economics at ADEK UVS
  • Economic and Business Statistics - Ms. D. Kasandiredjo, B.Sc.; Algemeen Bureau van Statistiek (ABS)

In the second part of the day sessions focused on Economic Growth and SME’s:

  • Small and medium scaled businesses: a necessity in achieving economic growth - Vereniging van Economisten in Suriname (VES) Mr. Waddi Sowma
  • The impact of Corruption on the economy and society – PROJEKTA - Sharda Ganga

On the second day the first Session was on Entrepreneurship Policy, Strategy and job creation Presentations were conducted by:

  • The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel en Fabrieken KKF) – Chairman Drs. Narpath Bissumbhar
  • “Made in Suriname” Presentation by The Association of Surinamese Manufacturers (ASFA) - Chairman Mr. Rahid Doekhi
  • Presentation by the Association of Surinamese Business (VSB) – Chairman Mr. Ferdinand Welzijn
  • The National strategy for development of the local private sector of Suriname a long term plan for improving the business environment in Suriname- Mrs. Sieglien Burleson, Chairperson of the Suriname Business Forum (SBF)
  • How can parliament make it easier to do business in Suriname? “Facilitating business in Suriname: The road towards self-reliance” - Mr. Leo Klinkers, Director of Klinkers & Hovens Public Policy Consultants
  • The status of Labour and Entrepreneurship in Suriname - Mr. Snijders, Foundation for production and labour (SPWE)

The final Session focused on Entrepreneurship and focus groups: gender, maroons and migrants with presentations:

  • Gender and Entrepreneurship - Mrs. Lilian Wiebers, Women in Business Group
  • Entrepreneurship and development of the interior – Mr. George Lazo, Association of Maroon Industrials (ABI)
  • Migrants and Entrepreneurship; Towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Mr. Kenneth Woei A Tsoi, INTENT Foundation